Regency Romance "Twice in her Lifetime"

by Isa Day
Publication Date: September 19, 2017

Book cover "Twice in her Lifetime" by Isa Day

Meet the protagonists …

She was born a lady but destined to become one of London's most successful businesswomen.

Sophia fell in love with her soulmate Honorius when she was two, married him when she turned sixteen and lost him to death at twenty-one. Since then, Sophia has worked hard at preserving her husband's dream which she helped him build — London's first-ever and instantly successful luxury hotel The Noble. Day by day, Sophia tries to keep the terrible loneliness at bay by losing herself in her duties, knowing that she will never be able to marry again…until one morning, her predictable world is shattered by Sasha. The angelically handsome Russian prince stumbles drunk into her hotel, creates the most awkward scene and passes out in her lobby. Despite her initial aversion, Sophia is intrigued by the mystery he poses since the degenerate rakehell seems a mask Sasha wears to protect himself against society's vicious gossip. All too soon, she finds herself locked in a dance of desire with the equally fascinating and complicated man who stirs her passion like her beloved husband did — or maybe even more.

He had learned early that being a fabulously rich prince offered no protection against misery.

Officially a member of the tsar's family, it was an open secret that Sasha was the bastard son of his English mother, born into a childless and violent marriage. His adolescence shaped by the cruelty of his so-called Russian father, Sasha learned to rely only on himself and tried to build his own life, to have his dreams shattered again and again. By the time he arrives at Sophia's hotel, Sasha has long given up hope of finding any happiness and is openly courting disaster. Certainly, the last thing he needs is a lover. But it takes little more than one look into Sophia Noble's jade-green eyes, and Sasha finds himself negotiating for an affair with her. What is intended as a pleasant temporary arrangement becomes so much more when the competent businesswoman stands by him through the most humiliating scandal and hides him at The Noble. Realizing that he wants to have Sophia in his life forever, Sasha has to face the question of what he is ultimately willing to sacrifice for love.

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